Our Services

Transport by Air-freight

We have a fully established logistics line in order to facilitate the required shipments.

Thanks to our flexibility, and availability of all products that MERCABARNA offers, we can reach any place in the world, with any product.

  • By Air

  • By Sea


For our maritime services we have the luck of being located just 5 km outisde the port of Barcelona. Which gives us the advantage of making mixed and full loads from MERCABARNA to optimize freshness and quality of the products.

A very important factor …


Mercabarna houses many logistics companies prepared to ship on the same day from a single pallet to à full truck, to France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and most countries in 15-36 hours.


Product Research & Development

We look for the best quality products and negotiate the most competitive prices from the 450 wholesale stands based in Mercabana.

We use a vast network of agricultural producers and providers to deliver any product line our clients need.

Our international network allows us to offer our products off-season.