Acuafruit S.L.

We are a family business that have experience since the early 1900´s in the horticulture sector. Acuafruit S.L. was established in 1966, specializing in high quality perishables. We are known for our exclusive gourmet products, such as the best RAF tomatoes available from Almeria.

With our qualified staff we are able to offer a personalized service for every client.

  • Quality Products

    Strict, high quality control

  • Reliable Service

    Transparent, efficient, we will not let you down.

  • Family Owned

    Our family values and history goes into our business!

AcuaFruit S.L. works directly with farmers, auction houses and also with cooperatives. We identify and localize the best producers in order to reduce costs to be able to offer the best competitive day-to-day prices and quality available.

A part from our stand, we have a state-of-the-art infrastructure/storage which has all the necessary equipment to carry out our operations efficiently. Equipped with all the in-built facilities for grading, pre-cooling, cold storage, etc. we have everything to meet the high standards that our clients require, always having passed our quality control.

Our focus is on bringing better produce with higher quality and more competitive prices to the markets we target around the world. With our coordinated services we want to help you GROW.