Mercabarna, much more than a market…

Mercabarna (Mercados de Abastecimientos de Barcelona SA) is the company that administers the Food Unit that is made up by the city of Barcelona’s wholesale markets as well as by a large number of companies involved in the production, sale, distribution, import and export of fresh and frozen produce and products.

Mercabarna also has a 4.5 hectare plot near the airport where a new wholesale business centre specialising in flowers, plants and complementary items, Mercabarna-flor, has been built.

Because we are... based in Mercabarna. experienced buyers. competitive.

Sphere of influence: 10 million consumers…

Mercabarna produce reaches the whole of Spain and many countries around the world, but its most immediate sphere of influence encompasses the whole of Catalonia, the north of Valencian Community, eastern Aragon, the Balearic Islands, Andorra, the south of France and the north of Italy.

In total Mercabarna supplies fresh produce for some 10 million consumers.

  • Location


  • Surface


  • Number of companies within the precinct:

    MORE THAN 700

  • Number of people working in Mercabarna every day:

    MORE THAN 23,000