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Raf Tomato

The fruit green and striped with red, with deep grooves, is fleshy and soft, juicy and sweet. It´s a Special Gourmet Tomato…
1 raf

Rebellion Tomato

Tomato with a deep red colour and an intense flavour has irregular form, deep grooves and long shelf life.
2.1 rebellin

Cherry Vine - round

Tomato with a special flavour is one of the best to decorate dishes and to create different recipes.
3.1 cherry redondo

Cherry Vine - Roma

A mid-season, high yielding, vine variety producing small, red, smooth skinned fruit with mild tasting and firm flesh.
4.2 cherry pera

Black Tomato

Also called: ´Kumato´, a green coloured tomato nearly black, is very testy and appreciated in the markets.16 tomate negro

Beefsteak tomato

Also called ´Coeur de Boeuf´, weight:300-500 gr. Very tasty with a fine skin.5.1 corazon de buey

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